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Mustang Robotics: Galaxy's Edge Chapter Wins International Robotics Honors Society Service Award

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Out of 12,000+ teams in 60 countries, only 27 programs are currently active members of IRHS. Mustang Robotics (Galaxy's Edge) is the only organization that is an after school club that has ever been approved for a Chapter.

International Winner: Otay Ranch High School! VEX Mustang Robotics [Galaxy’s Edge School IRHS Chapter] Information about the award: The REC International Robotics Honor Society Service Award is presented to an IRHS High School Chapter which best demonstrates how Service – Learning has impacted both their program and the community in which they serve. More details HERE.

Project submitted:Mustang Alumni Symposium Series This project started with the goal of providing students worldwide with the chance to listen to the experiences of Mustang alumni. They have chosen different pathways in life, accumulating various experiences and lessons they can share. Most importantly, they are able to guide us with advice as they are further along the paths we wish to pursue. In doing so, students around the world are able to learn the different career paths that branch from a passion for robotics as well as gain more insight on their potential pathways.

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