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Online Challenges

Mustang Robotics not only participates in the physical aspect of designing and competing with a robot but also takes part in digital challenges. To see which challenges we have participated in, you can look below and to visit each submission make sure to hit "View More" in the photo gallery.


International Robotics Honors Society Service Award

The International Robotics Honors Society Service Award is a VEX Robotics Online Challenge that demonstrates how an organization including STEM high school students can impact and share with their community. In Otay Ranch Mustang Robotics’ take on the challenge, they created a video series on the experience of VEX in high school  college life, and career experience with several alumni especially during this pandemic which has kept students from being able to explore these options in person.  Additionally, in our project people from the community were are able to ask questions to our alumni in order to learn more about the paths they can follow.  

Make it Real CAD Online Challenge (20-21)

The part 507A has created is a modified version of a c-channel. This c-channel has circular holes rather than squared holes, which allows axles to move more freely, without the issue of gear skipping. The reason why the gears would skip is because squared holes are not smooth compared to circular holes, which are smooth. Although there are solutions to this problem already, these solutions also require parts like bearing, which can take up too much space, but with this, it would decrease the needed space. This makes our modified c-channel an effective alternative to allow axles to move freely and requires less space than other options.

Make it Real CAD Online Challenge (20-21)

507B's piece that we wish was a VEX part is a small shaft adapter that is meant to connect regular shafts to other high strength shafts. Our part is designed to work similarly to how a shaft collar connects to a shaft and secures it in place for the robot’s use. We plan on creating our shaft adapter by designing a part that will have two sides for the different shafts: one side will be meant for regular shafts to be inserted and the other side will be fitted for a high strength shaft. To secure each shaft in the adapter we plan to have tightened and secured by a screw and nut. 

"Thinking Outside The Box" Photography Challenge - REMEMBER (20-21)

This year members of Mustang Robotics had the realization that we will not be getting together to compete. As a result, we all tried to stay connected and wanted to remember the good times we had by looking at our old VEX memorabilia that we have around our rooms. The picture you see here is one of our managers looking over their past notebook like many of us trying to remember the past. Where we could all safely get togehrer, prepare a robot to compete, and put our robot to the test.


Girl Powered Essay (20-21)-

REDEFINE is a statement that reminds Mustang Robotics about the meaning of Girl Powered. We believe that men and women should be seen as equals at all times and that should never be forgotten. As gender will not change someone's drive to explore, work, and learn about anything especially in STEM. Thus, in 507B, you will see both girls and boys working together on the robots, programming, and recording the engineering process, while all getting along. As we do not permit any member to belittling someone because they are girls or different than them, and instead we promote members who support the girls in our club and listen to them as equals. Ellen Ochoa has REDEFINE women's role in space exploration and has inspired us.

Make it Real CAD Online Challenge (19-20)

A problem that team 507C faced last year was imperfect spacing in the robot which forced theri team to use spacers and washers which aren't always convenient or as secure/stable. Thus, in-order to secure a part that has an imperfect spacing their team designed an adjustable standoff on Fusion 360. This adjustable standoff which had a regular standoff as one component, then a smaller standoff that is small enough to fit inside the original part, and at the end of this part the piece extends to the same size as the original standoff. We were announced as finalist in the the 2019-2020 Make it Real CAD Online Challenge.

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