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"Technology is Best When it Brings People Together." -Matt Mullenweg

Mustang Robotics is an organization of intelligent, sophisticated students aiming to build an intricate robot while using complex science, engineering, and technological concepts.


Our Mission

The mission of the program is to equip individuals with the skills necessary to succeed and make an impact in STEM fields. 

Team members learn a variety of skills. Engineers practice designing, building, and testing robots to compete at the regional, state, and world levels. Programmers learn to code sensors, understand different programming structures, and debug errors to create consistent and efficient programs. All members learn leadership skills and resilience as they are pushed to their limits to achieve greatness

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Our Values

In robotics, you learn more than just building robots. We value teamwork and perseverance. Mustang Robotics is further divided into 5 teams, where a methodical system of engineers, programmers, and managers coordinate with each other to build a robot. Every part of the team has to function properly and smoothly for success.

Throughout this process, challenges themselves will arise. Members will have to dedicate and sacrifice their own time to guarantee a working robot and a finished Engineering Notebook for competitions. Bonds will be built along the way that go beyond the club itself; we become one big family spanning generations of Mustang Robotics.

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Why You Should Join

You should join robotics because you will build the foundation of a future in STEM. You won't have to wait until college or an actual job to learn the fundamental principles of engineering and programming. You will make new friends while learning from those around you.

You will develop more essential skills, including rational thinking when encountering difficult ordeals, analysis of complex problems, pinpointing errors in a robot code, creativity for creating innovative designs, and utilizing advanced mathematical and engineering concepts.

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