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Thank You!

This program and all its achievements wouldn't be possible alone. So we want to thank all of those who have helped us along the way

Our Mentor: Chad Pearson

Chad Pearson mentors Mustang Robotics and grants us the power to achieve in and outside of robotics.

As a former mechanic and his experience in engineering, he supervises our design process, offers insights, and gives out advice.  

Outside of robotics, he ensures to understand his students and create bonds that go beyond our high school careers. Motivating and guaranteeing his students aren't falling behind in school.

Indeed, Chad Pearson guides the members of Mustang Robotics towards a brighter, successful future. 



Without a doubt, Mustang Robotics is an expensive club to run. For this reason, we reach out to others for assistance in subsidizing our team's needs.

One of the most important values of Mustang Robotics is our companionship. That is why we are primarily sponsored by close friends and family.

At the beginning of every year, members send out letters asking for financial support in our annual robotics endeavors.

We are grateful for their patronage because every cent allows us to fulfill our ambition to compete in the VEX Robotics competitions.

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Our School:

Otay Ranch High School

Mustang Robotics is an extracurricular club based in Otay Ranch High School. All meetings and builds are conducted at the home of the Mustangs.

Among all other clubs available at Otay Ranch High School, we are recognized throughout the campus as being one of the most academically-driven. We provide access to STEM in a school abundant in sports.

Without the school, Mustang Robotics wouldn't even be possible. We want to thank them for bringing all of us together and being the support we needed.

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