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Outreach by Donating Legacy Parts

During the 2019-2020 Season, Mustang Robotics was fortunate to obtain V5 for all 5 of their teams and no longer had use for legacy motors or brains. Thus, we decided to donate multiple motors and technology to Bonita Vista High School in hopes that they can utilize them to create an effective robot. 


Opened Doors to Teams within League

To aid other teams within our league, we invited Montgomery and East Palomar High School to practice on our field and share pointers. In addition, we also gave them parts and aided them in the building, cutting, and programming process. 


Mentoring Royal Robotics

​On Wednesdays, we mentor Royal Robotics to the best of our abilities. We give them ideas, walk them through the design engineering process, give pointers, aid their programming, and building.

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