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Mid Season Update

It's time to look back on what Mustang Robotics has been up to.

League Events

  • September 11

  • November 13th

  • December 4th

League in Chula Vista has given us 3 opportunities to compete our robots we are now jsut one event away from League Finals. Cant believe how robots have changed since the begiginign.

Current rankings have all Mustang Robotics in top 14 of the whole competition.

5th Annual Damien Spartan

October 23rd

Our robots have changed since our first League Events. Now out teams are ready for their first interviews and have their engineering notebooks done and ready to show the judges.

End of day rankings:

  • 507A - 6th

  • 507B - 31st

  • 507C - 34th

  • 507D - 14th

  • 507E - 11th

13th Chula Vista Robotics Tournament

November 6th

4/5 robots are now using pnametics WOW how the robots have changed is crazy. The teams worked hard and 3 teams made it to semifinals.

At the end of the day the teams rankings were:

  • 507A - 17th

  • 507B - 1st

  • 507C - 33th

  • 507D - 6th

  • 507E - 5th

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